Hello, I'm Roman R.

I use the training runs to digest my work day , to clear my head and to be outside after a full day in the air-condition. This developed into a regular exercise regime with my first marathon in 2003. It started with the aim to run a marathon in each country I used to live and once achieved, the 6 Majors were the next aim. In the meantime I finished 11 marathons and in 2019 my first Ultramarathon (Comrades in South Africa). We live in Singapore since 2008 and I participated in many local races and found many interesting training runs. My offer is probably the most scenic (touristic) of my runs but I am happy to introduce you to my other runs as well like around the reservoir at MacRitchie (11 km, trail) or West Coast Park (4.6 km one lap). Hopefully the pandemic is over soon and we can travel again. In case your plans bring you to Singapore, I will be delighted to introduce you to some of the runs in our hot and humid climate.

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